• ziyadah 24w


    We are our own opponent
    Cause we forget to act right
    Just for the love of internet
    We would rather be a big fool
    Than to to do the needful
    "Oh look at those fighting kungfu
    they are wielding a bad tool"
    Let's video this in full
    And when shit goes dreadful
    We become deceitful
    Telling ourselves we should be prayerful
    Cause we feel only God knew about the source of LAGOS TANKER too
    When in fact ,we JOS PLATEAU much
    Even when Fulani herdsmen are harmful
    Cause in the end we make joke out of disasters
    Even Boko haram too
    We will rather be a foolish fool
    Instead of being dutiful
    Then blame God for the things we do
    Funny enough, its normal cause This is the new Nigerian tool
    -To be a fool
    But MAMA ain't raise no fool
    ©Edu Ziyadah Oluwafunmylola