• smileyone 5w

    A love book

    Under the shade of tree
    a young boy reads a book
    of romance,
    only stopping for a moment
    to laugh
    at the comic situation the
    heroine got herself into.

    He was so invested in it
    that he did not notice
    young girl's enamored eyes
    following his every movement.

    When the sun flashed its
    colourful colours at him
    he was forced to look up
    and saw her.

    He was smitten,
    but continued to read in
    silence, his mind
    going through distress.

    The girl then sits next to him
    under the tree full of
    green leaves,
    and his trembling voice
    starts reading aloud.

    At one moment she turns
    towards him and kisses
    him quickly, passionately.
    All he could say afterwards
    "The end."