• bouncy 9w

    A poetic conversation between a girl and a boy:

    "Want a guy who is mature enough
    To deal every problem in life
    And kiddish enough
    To enjoy my craziness."

    "May be I'm not very good at understanding you
    But I do know that I love you and
    I'm not giving up even when
    I'm down to my last breath."

    "I'm so possessive that I'll fight over silly things
    And that's the exact moment, I'll expect you to push me against wall, or anything that is close to us
    and kiss me till I stop talking."

    "You're not perfect and will never be,
    But I just want to let you know that
    I love you with all your flaws,
    Even the imperfections that lie within."

    These are four one liners taken from my four old poems which I converted those lines into stanza's as a convo between a girl and a boy.

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