• upsilon400 10w

    Giuseppe's Notes: Untitled Is The Title

    Blank is the message though it is written,
    we drown in air, we thirst for ice, we carve the water,
    up the rocket goes to the worlds down under
    and down plunge lightning flying through the cosmos,

    tongueless singing of songs of the tooth
    is the melody of heels clapping and palms tapping,

    glass cleaves my dignity so the rhetors mime,
    a moth reflects in the water of my hands
    and the mist of molten streams form the coldest light,

    four green watchmen dance atop the barricade
    and one yellow shade on the moon keeps vigil.

    But who will watch for the king's wandersome dream
    that whispers "apple bushes and ivy trees"
    to any servant barking at a pig's dung,

    why we must procure such damsel of the bees
    that neighs at the nymph's magician's brother's wife.
    Hang her feet and tickle her ribs with peacock feathers
    'til she confesses that she grieved for sadness
    when his majesty tooted a song so foul
    and laughs deafened his shouts whose blushings were deep.

    Herenow transcribed for I shall finally write,