• thestoned_divine 5w

    In this closed room these four walls soon became by best friends
    At first it felt I was confined in them
    With time it meant I was the one talking to them
    There is a balcony I roam often looking at the world
    But never did I wanted to go
    I soon became habitual to these staying alone and working out on my own
    I won't lie my girl always helped me at times
    But still there was these loneliness I couldn't define
    I guess it's good in a way not depending on others work to live life like out your way
    I would thank the ones who always sticked by
    Talking to me when I didn't even feel like staying alive
    Mostly to you babe for always guiding me out
    I don't even feel without you I would have survived these
    Superficial remedies I'm living by