• tejasbait 9w


    You said my eyes were poetic too
    & how you would miss me
    When you'd leave me
    But you had to
    You promised me you would keep an eye on me
    Seems like your promises weren't fake
    You always wanted me to be a writer
    & after you left, I settled for rhymes
    I wonder if you'd be happy for the kind of man I'm now
    You lurk like shadows in my feeds
    You think you go unnoticed
    But I'm overwhelmed to see your name
    Some girls are pretty ironic
    They leave the one's they love the most
    & make sure to keep tabs on him
    I wonder if one day if I ever fall in love with someone
    Will you still keep tabs on me?
    Or walk away silently?
    Darling I could be breaking
    But I will never text you
    I'm done hoping for spring in autumn
    But still I'm glad you show up in my feed
    Maybe deep down I still hope