• jason82 9w


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    Better Off

    Such a promising future
    Even with the promiscuity
    I hope I never broke a promise that I gave you
    Maybe, you should nail me to a cross
    Or put a nail in my coffin
    That would be the final draw
    Draw Four
    I was only drawing out the future
    Aiming for a perfect picture
    But pictures never last forever
    Unless you save them to your memory
    Remember Me?
    Remember all the things you saw in me?
    Remember wishing I was there with you
    & you were here with me?
    It's funny how so much has changed
    It's been so long that I forgot your name
    I never cared about your whereabouts
    When you were in the house
    I cared about your well being
    Well, I'm seeing things a lot better
    Maybe you were better off without me from the start