• maavipoet 10w

    Our hearts beat just like yours do,
    but for some reason,
    just cause I’m coloured,
    and you’re not...
    You think this world is only for you.
    Every tragedy in humanity
    was something you caused too...
    you dislike the melanin in my skin
    and it’s forced you...
    to oppress, to divide,
    and instigate all the wars too.
    Slavery; you call it bravery,
    kept us in chains
    to suppress the memory
    of those who fought you...
    Innocent men dying without reason,
    Knee on neck, you stoppin his breathing,
    Criminalising a coloured person because you’re a canvas,
    a painting that hasn’t been painted...
    portraying jealousy of the status,
    so you display your malice
    and use your white privilege to kill.
    Even those you swore to protect.
    How many officers will you find
    that will confess?
    Lies after lies, the system will always guard these murderers,
    the presidents ignorance is murderous.
    And while they stay in control,
    we will continue to die.
    Our black brothers and sisters will never get to live life.
    Prosecuted for nothing, just trying to get by,
    a single blink at an officer gets them bullets in their eyes.
    This is the unfortunate reality.
    Black lives matter but they will never accept that.