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    Sorry for such a long post but couldn't really stop myself from sharing this.. Sharing this post from my blog!
    Do read the entire post!
    This one is for the unsung heroes of our nation!


    Rubbing his hands near fire, his knees curled around his stomach he was sitting trying to scribble on an old page.. The pen’s grip was not firm as the rifle’s grip was. The biting cold chilled his fingers into clumsy numbness, cold seeped into his toes and spread painfully throughout his feet as if it were his bare feet on the pristine icy whiteness rather than sneakers. His lips turned a more bluish hue, his teeth chattered with cold. Even after being accustomed to the ambience since 7 months, his fingers were shivering writing the letter that very moment. Fear was grasping him. For the very first time in his life he was scared. Scared of losing his own life, scared of his world collapsing down.

    “Hey my dear wife,

    I hope u r doing fine. I never understood what it’s like having goosebumps or blood chilling in your nerves or something like heart pounding while doing something. But trust me, this very moment I’m going through all these feelings. I’m scared. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be.

    I know you can take care of my champ. I wish I’d be there when our baby will be opening his eyes for the first time.

    Remember, I’ve not changed my wish. If something happens to me, teach my baby to be brave.

    Yet trust me your husband is not so weak, I’m brave and strong just like my wife in this situation.

    I still can’t wait for the moment when my little champ will be touching my hands with little fingers.

    Take care of my baby as well as yours.

    I’ll be coming home soon.

    Give my love to maa.

    Tell her his son will be coming back very soon.

    -To be a father ( Your blessed husband) "

    He was sitting miles of miles away from his home, serving his motherland.. He has fought against all the odds; he has knocked down more than thousands of enemies with utmost braveness n audacity. He has been keeping himself under his control since last 7 months, he has stayed indifferent to his emotions but this time feelings were overwhelming him. His wife was 9 months pregnant n could anytime give birth to a little soul their baby..
    On the other hand, his wife was sitting amidst the pile of letters he wrote him in 7 months, even his letters had his fragrance. She put her hand around her expanded belly feeling the rhythms of its baby’s kicks. Even in the hardest time, she was staying strong. For this time it was not only her, rather two heartbeats were beating in a stout body.
    His mother who was rather old then was cooking dish for her daughter-in-law with freckles on her forehead. With straining eyes she stirred the vessel n putting on her spectacles she remembered how his son used to scold him for not taking care of her eyes. Her fingers have been longing for her son’s touch, craving to embrace her son..

    As soon as he completed his scribbling, he kissed the letter with his cold lips n with a feeble smile folded it in half.
    “Soldiers !! The enemy has put on a battle. Get ready.. ” A strong familiar voice echoed around.

    He swiftly loaded his rifle with bullets, taking the desired position he was ready to again fight for his country, a fight for continuation of his life..
    Suddenly, the ambience was filled with noise of shots n bullets in rapid succession…

    Two bullets with an intense force pierced his chest.
    The pain was hard to tolerate… As the flesh split, mild crimson blood popped seeping out from the incision.. As another life fluid out from her body, the voices around seemed fainted until a shrill shriek voice broke the ice with a little cry.. Stained in blood, his little fingers were curled around inside, his eyes still closed, his pink lips seemed dry devoid of moisture..
    “Congratulations madam, you’ve given birth to a healthy baby boy.. ” The doctor congratulated her.
    She smiled feebly before dozing off due to the excessive pressure and medicines… Nurse draped a white soft cloth around his small body before handling him to his grandmother..
    “We are sorry sir, he’s no more.. ” The soldier stood hanging his head low..
    The once scarlet blood oozed down in thick droplets staining his leather covered shield.. He was no more a breathing human, rather a corpse with residues of bleeding chest, uncompleted dreams, shallow hopes n broken promises with the proud glint of dying as a martyr…
    Red n white were his favourite colours.. White cloth which covered his red blood stains became the witness of two lives !

    ENDING of his mortal life, BEGINNING of his son’s life..

    Little did they all know, his last breath was his son’s first breath..
    The naive tears from his mother’s eyes were unaware of the reason behind their sudden outburst..

    She wondered why her eyes were so moist as it was the occasion of happiness.

    Little did she know, her eyes were mourning for the demise of her own son..

    They talk about sacrifices made in love, known or concealed.. But these SACRIFICES always remain untold… No book or novel discuss such sacrifices.. No tales talk about them..

    A SACRIFICE made by a mother of her son,

    A SACRIFICE made by a wife of her husband,

    A SACRIFICE made by a child of his father,

    A SACRIFICE made by a comrade of his companion,

    A SACRIFICE made by a nation of its soldier..
    An untold SACRIFICE, a SACRIFICE that chants the tale of GALLANTRY..

    Because no trivial sum of lakhs can reimburse a MARTYR’s LIFE.

    A salute to those real heroes of my nation my country..
    Grand stardom of those strayed sacrifices ignite their spark in millions of hearts..
    No combination of magnificent vocabulary or feelings can express the respect for those soldiers in my heart :’)



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