• lauragesa 5w

    The unheard song

    Sometimes it's hard to see
    But I imagine
    Words hard to EXPRESS
    the eyes tell it all
    Coated with tears
    I feel like letting goo
    But the word PATIENCE has it all
    It all started as a joke
    I thought it could end
    I knew we could amend
    But if wishes were horses
    Mwananchi has no say
    Just stare at events
    Speeches in foreign language
    Schools under trees
    Roads filled with stones
    Hospital with no drugs
    Patients lack beds
    I pay my tax
    You pay your tax
    Why kill ourselves
    But still he is voted in
    His words sweet every election year
    Blindfolded by few shillings
    We sacrifice our lives
    Tears are never shade but guilty is always experienced
    Poverty our undoing
    We desire change but are still tongue-tied
    Prisoners of our choice
    Waiting for the sun to shine