• edgytillidie 6w

    Baby blue...

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    Flying high, around the sky
    Dreaming about the dandy candy
    You have me feeling soar and blue
    You give me shades of cool
    You make me my heart flutter with anticipation
    Your baby blue eyes weave me in admiration

    Much like the deep blue which scar your supple skin
    My being wishes to entice you with a colder shade of the same on your skin
    “Become my baby blue, be my muse.”
    Disperse into me and embrace the ruse

    Down the coast, from Nevada to California
    Picking on Orchids, Delphiniums, and Blue Hydrangeas
    Resting in filters ~ Denim, Arctic, and Navy; but nothing beats you
    I’m drowning in blue; sea blue
    The blips, as it happened, called for the ocean and mocked, “Do you still think of ‘sapphire’?”
    I blinked and the sand slipp