• chahton_ka_prinda_sanjay 23w

    #I am waiting

    Whenever you are not there,
    Whenever I am unable to find,
    Whenever you don't trust me,
    Its time when I am missing you.

    You think me of uneven kind,
    Its good thing, I never mind,
    Possibly I could be of that,
    You never know when we met.

    Is it better or not what I do?
    In my dreams only, I see you,
    What else, nothing I can have,
    without you I always feel alone.

    In your love I don't know what,
    The way to follow, and to let,
    Your one thing let me getting,
    You don't know, I am waiting.

    © चाहतो का परिंदा----संजय