• mike1m 10w

    Precious Angel

    My precious angel why did you have to leave, me the way you did,

    You kept my heart warm, full of joy, like a kid.

    I had nothing, but love for you from deep way deep inside my precious heart,

    You were only number one on my chart.

    When you first came to me you came like an angel from the skies above,

    I looked into your beautiful eyes and fell in love.

    I knew you were my perfect girl,

    And wanted to be with you forever in my world.

    When you held me in your precious arms, you made me feel warm and special,

    Therefore this was when my heart told me you were my precious angel.

    Until one day you left me and you had no reason as an excuse,

    Your deployment I would only try to refuse.

    But nothing stopped what happened that day,

    And things will never change no matter how hard or how much I pray.

    Maybe God had different plans for you and I,

    But remember this, I will always love you and be your special guy.

    In my heart you will always stay,

    Farewell for now until another day.