• writeweird 24w

    avi died a painful death

    avi died a painful death 
    last autumn.

    he used to talk about 
    it often.

    never saying a word 
    but his words-
    well they were rotten.

    nobody cares though
    nobody cried 
    nobody died;
    and he was forgotten.

    he was here though
    and he did grow 
    for a minute or two 
    that once-

    into a forest
    that was boughten
    his only begotten.

    he died in vain 
    his veins, he shot them.

    took out his eyes and smile-
    he had just got them. 

    i remember watching him 
    drink his sins and scars 
    from afar,

    the world filling with howls
    and his insides with cotton.

    sun going down and the naked 
    trees, the leaves and him 

    all of them. 

    hitting the rock fucking bottom.

    avi died a painful death 
    last autumn.

    and. i am. still. alive.