• silentflower 31w

    Are you free or in chains?

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    No Longer Free

    Freedom is a myth
    There is no such thing
    I wish there was
    But there isn't

    If there was something such as this
    I would get to be me

    I would be more happy
    But I'm not

    But who cares
    I don't
    Should I?
    Should you?

    But what is freedom
    Without others in chains

    Who knows who I am
    Will understand what freedom is

    What truly is freedom
    Without needing to break away from people
    Who kept you in your cage
    And showed you that this is freedom

    Where not all people are allowed it
    Cause people can make these choices
    Cause their free
    And they have money

    Let me ask you a question now
    Do you know what freedom is?
    Do you have freedom?
    Or you in a cage?
    Or in chains?

    We will know what freedom is
    Until chaos breaks out
    And we will start a war for our lives