• purple_river 10w

    Ruins Of Pompeii

    A city so glorious, a city so bright,
    Bustling streets in the evening light,
    All ruined on the fateful night,
    When triggered Mount Vesuvius erupted to heights.
    They called it dormant, harmless alright,
    Ignored the fiery growls for a full fortnight,
    But when the fury was unleashed outright,
    They lamented the monster they harbored in plain sight.
    Men, women, children - scream and run in fright,
    Homes, temples and cafes don't even put up a fight.
    Alas! No one could escape it's formidable might,
    An entire innocent city buried by midnight.
    Centuries later, the ancient ruins are in the limelight,
    Hollow statues & skeletons hide in this miserable plight.
    It still haunts me, how every spark of life got wiped,
    The rich or the poor, no one survived.
    This is what happens, when the stars don't align right,
    Or when over-indulgence makes us lose all insight.
    The dormant demons, will again rise to ignite
    Consume blatantly to gratify it's appetite.
    The destiny is sealed, but could we override,
    This stark bad fate by fighting like honorable knights?