• aradunni 6w

    Life of a sinner

    Heard from the valet y'day that today is sunday
    Ooh,I must have drink myself to death
    As I try to see the daylight,I realised it's not my room
    Oooh,I must have been with the WHORE all night.
    You want to know the WHORE,
    People say she's an older woman
    But has the skin of a young flower
    A Sunflower.
    Well,I don't seem to care
    'Cos my sins are more than that
    Heard of a sinner?
    I am a kingpin Sinner.
    Smoking has no chains on me,
    Drinking is just a low cost schedule
    Fighting and hooliganism are my routines,
    Sex is my game,
    Just a call away and like ALADDIN
    I'm at your beck and call for anything.
    Heard today is Sunday
    I look up to the ceiling
    Ooh yeah, ceiling cos it's my sky for today.
    And I sing the song I heard from the WHORE last night
    ' when peace like river attendeth my way...'
    The WHORE sang this song to me to soothe me.
    And now I'm dressed up to go to CHURCH.