• aherzogw 31w

    A Hero's Saturday

    I've always been intrigued by the question, what do superheroes do on the days they aren't rescuing kittens from trees and saving the world from alien invasion. I, Stephen Wahlberg, intern for the newspaper company the New York Times, have decided to do something bold, unconventional, and even out of character perhaps for me. I have decided to stalk Captain America this Saturday. My friends have balked at me, while simultaneously the glisten of curiosity and excitement in their eyes says they are secretly jealous they didn't have the same idea.
    I've learned Captain America is a weird fucking creature. He likes old fashioned buttered toast and coffee.
    This is my first go at writing ! It's awful but I will get better! The mind is a vast moldable sea that must be filled drop by drop, by the ingredients and things you'd like to one day be able to transform into.