• rooterscooterj 5w

    Shallow Love

    Weak connections between the two
    You hardly speak to each other
    Your heart weeps
    You cry with hurt deep down low
    Why can’t it be
    You are scared of what could be true
    You are not full filled with no communication it’s true
    There is no intimate touch from the other
    Your heart weeps
    No desire comes from the other side for you
    How is that fair to you
    You wanted desire without the negative backlashes
    The backlashes burn your skin
    Someone to accept you as you are without criticizing your every move of what you do and why you do the things you do
    Someone who wants to call you and talk to you to light you up
    You deserve that you know it’s true
    You are not where you want to be with this love
    Your heart weeps
    Why weren’t you strong enough to say no
    This is not the connection your heart searches for
    You thirst for a deeper love
    A love where time spent together is wanted
    A love where you are wanted and desired
    It’s mutual
    That was your dream of what a lovers relationship should be
    A love who lifts you up
    A love that carries you through the storms
    A love that does not use but only holds true to you
    A love that does not wish to look elsewhere but only wants you
    A love that loves you for you
    Your heart weeps
    Your heart weeps
    Your heart weeps.
    Love~Laugh~Live~Be active