• soni_27 5w

    The Cleave

    Learning from a toxic relationship,
    Making up to all those abuses,
    Standing tall to all that spit talk on her family,
    Bearing loss of her beloved than to giving him his time,
    From being suppressed to hell, As a scary turtle in a shell,
    But now that it came on her kids she decided to move on just cleave away from him for she was just not a woman but a mother too,
    She could bear the worst for herself and did the silent self-talk howling on to days of loneliness as she was a bird caught in a golden cage,
    This cleave on would be the wisest decision of her life, from being a jackass to being a woman of stronger standards who would never give up on her own kids for a man who never loved her all thru the years of togetherness and sacrifice,
    She now had made a call, and yes this cleave was the only way to prove herself she was worth much more than just that misery and the downfall,
    There she stands now fighting for her rights let be anything that comes now on her way,
    She will take charge as a woman of substance and a mother caring and loving her kids come what thunderstorm on her way.