• thephenomenal 5w

    Everyone is a star
    Kismet makes some an introvertive star or the reverse

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    Body running after a fame
    But it on the soul chanting the name
    Drilling down the soil
    Just like how yam was seeded

    Sandy rumble cages the flashy
    The lead constituents
    Block it penetration into the lousy world
    Gold was belittle because of it hidden world

    Fish try to snip the strongest
    Kiss off the existence
    Because the niche doesn't wax
    The diamond because low polarity in the dowse

    Rainbow producing multiple colors
    Never got the hymn from the sound of the cloud
    Still get some resounds
    From the cheers of the multitude

    The off key of the cheers
    The low key of the output
    Maybe motley never like the price tag
    Visit the ozone layer for more worth

    Environ might be wet behind the ear
    About what you want the world to hear
    Search for more cheer zone
    Never stop spinning the cone