• fallen_42 31w

    Unicorn love(a long read)

    There are certain love stories with the same essence as that of after the rainfall. Refreshing. Lively. Breathing. The cold wind that blows striking your eyes making them close with that cold warmth. Some love stories are like the coffee during rainfall. The warmth of coffee hugging you as you hold that cup with your both hands. The cloudy grey skies somehow feel the most colorful.

    The thunders sound more promising to ears than a melody. That's how those two in love embrace each other. Not like the roses and daisies but like the thunder and lightening. Savage yet together. Their love makes the world flummoxed for that's how fiercly and truly they love. They hold each other up because walking shoulder by shoulder, walking as equals is what leads them to face their demons. They don't fall for each other's light but the shadow it casts for it's the shadow where the details fuse together yet remain hidden. On some days they are like the rainbows and sunshine. Just like a prism filling each other's lives with different hues of love. They aren't afraid if any color for their love is not limited to red only. Their love has all the shades of imperfections and mistakes. Yet they wear it like the crown they are proud to show.

    They don't believe in fairytales for they fall for no deception of king saving the queen. They dont believe in damsel in distress. They save each other. They cry baldy. They laugh wildly. They love madly. They don't fall for perfect looks with tuxedo, perfectly gelled hair or smooth mascara. They fall for each other more with their tangled hair, wearing comfy clothes for looking pretty for each other is never in their list. They don't need to impress each other when they way they look at each other do everything.

    And when they break apart...well they dont. They don't break apart. For how can they when fell for each other not in parts but whole. They loved each other not in parts but whole. They accepted each other not in parts but whole.

    They are the rainfall we wait in the hot scorching day. They are the wind of the evenings. They are the the excitement of kid in seeing his first snowfall. Just like nature, they too go through the seasons. But they never leave each other during the fall and love deeply during the spring of their relationship. They are once in lifetime kind of couple and ever so surely they end up spending their rest of the lives together.
    They are the wild forests in the deforested lands of true love. They are the unicorn love