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    Sitting in the class, but mentally lost. I didn't know where i wanted to be. I felt like as if i belong to no where. Nothing was ready to accept me or maybe i was denying every piece of truth. I just wanted to end my sufferings. I wanted to end those flashbacks. I wanted to end us. I wanted to end myself.
    Nothing felt safe, nothing felt peaceful, nothing brought peace to my soul. But i knew, i couldn't just give up. So i held on to my suffering, went through the same torture everyday, until i... i finally decided to let go of everything. To this day, i don't know how exactly i gathered so much courage, but i did. I thought i had lost it, but i remained focused, because to me, only my peace mattered. I had been living in a box, and just wanted to escape from all my sufferings and looked for peace in all four corners when it was just waiting for me outside.
    I remember, how helpless i felt inside. How i thought life had no purpose and i should probably end it. And i'm so glad that i didn't. Even though life isn't perfect and not everything turns out as planned, i've now learned to accept things as they are, without the desire to modify them; and that's the most positive change i've noticed in myself so far.
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