• azmishahwar 35w

    But he is my honoured gentleman.

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    This life is a war,
    But here you are shielding me.
    This sky isn't just pretty because of the stars,
    I see you everyday, so there isn't any beauty I can compare to yours.
    The truth is hard,
    But you keep me away from the lies.
    Here in this battlefield, you are my single guard,
    Here in this world, you are the only one to listen to my cries.
    From your little angel,
    A word of grace,
    To define the beauty that you hold,
    Out of this crowded race.
    I am yours and I won't let you down,
    Someday I am gonna tell you what's it all about,
    My love for you is a thousand times more than the much this world judged.
    Yes, Papa I love you.
    From your,