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    "I have been a fool, Veer. To like someone even though I love you makes me feel constantly torn, as if I am walking on a thin rope" said Noor in a regretful voice
    "But I walk behind you Noor" Veer replied trying to cheer Noor up
    "And how does that justify my feelings?"
    "To know that you are in love with me is an act of faith I choose to do every single day. To like someone is not in your hands"
    "But Veer isn't it me being unfaithful"
    "Faith is not a one man's task. It arises between two people, and we both are holding its edges. How does it makes you unfaithful Noor when you haven't let go of it"
    "But Veer, what if I fall for him?:
    "Then I Iet you go"
    "Is that so easy for you?"
    "Yes. You dont cage people you love Noor. You dont coax them into believing that the bars of your insecurities are the pillars they can rely upon. "
    "But I love you Veer and I can never imagine a day without you"
    "I know Noor."
    "Still, even after everything I have told you?"
    "Noor, remember the sunset we so love. Some people capture it in their camera, while some write poetry about it. And some choose to sit still and watch. But there is no superior way to other. Everyone wants to immortalize the last rays of sun gracing the earth and we do it in our own ways. You are the sun Noor. I will always love the grace of your rise and fall because that is all i can do to make my love for you eternal."
    "What about the burns Veer?"
    "Everything beautiful leaves a mark. It's not called burning Noor"
    "Do you still love me?"
    "How can I only love the rays falling upon my life and be scared of the shadows forming. I love all of you Noor"
    "You are my home Veer. Your heart is my shelter and none can take away from me, the safety I feel in your arms. Loving you has been no less than writing a confession. It begins with your smile and ends on you, only you"
    "Tum jis pr nazar daalo
    Us dil ka khuda haafiz" said Veer in a whisper...
    As Veer recited these famous lines of Nusrat fateh ali khan, Noor knew she had found forever in a person
    They watched the setting sun as Noor felt in the deepest of her heart why she would always choose Veer over anyone. She smiled to herself for she then realized there was no dilemma to begin with. It had always been Veer, the man she fell for, on the day he wrote poetry for her as his proposal...