• yagkong 31w

    They said we were nothing Their cruel laughter opened fresh wounds and
    their mockery cut us to the white meat We were lost you see And they knew it They saw the doubt in our eyes as easily as they saw the gold in our blood
    They do not hate us They do not even know hate
    They envy us and because you cannot steal from light they seek to
    diminish it
    The darker the way
    The harder for the people to find the path They beat us Down Bad
    It was dark and we were bleeding and we were still lost
    But we were on our knees So we prayed
    And we sang And then we got up
    And danced
    Our dance is a prayer and thanksgiving and a promise
    We will never be beaten to our knees again We now learn to see the light
    In each other
    Then there will no place for the darkness to