• aamani_agriya 9w

    I wonder

    I wonder what to strive for
    When we have a little time to live for
    I wonder what to worry about
    When there is so much uncertainty about it
    I wonder why to be angry
    When we will leave empty handed
    I wonder why to fight with love ones
    When we will regret about it on last breath
    I wonder what is important and what is not
    When we will be by our memories at the end
    I wonder what we have to do here
    In the span of time we have got here.
    I wonder what we have to run after
    Or we have to just walk?
    I wonder if it is us who choose to run
    Or we are here to run.
    I wonder what to achieve
    Or everything we do little or big is a success here.
    I wonder what to cry for,
    I wonder what to smile for,
    As every moment is passing by to never return back.
    I wonder why to wonder
    What have to happen will happen.
    I wonder!