• lakshanaa 6w

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    1st stanza refers to teenage
    2nd stanza when we have to choose our career
    3rd stanza when become rich
    4th stanza talks about the memories left

    In lieu – instead
    albeit – though
    hath – that
    anon – Now

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    In lieu (instead) of money

    Throughout sweet sixteen
    Everyone desire to be billionaire
    Yet in lieu of money
    I'd go for my ancestry

    They're hankering for my better future
    But I ought my family till the end
    Schooling, educating myself to work hard
    Eventually will make me rich

    Being workholic, all of sudden asunder
    Plans of link-up only once a year
    O' Almighty in lieu of money
    Let me choose my family

    Despite being listenin' to mine own heart
    receiveth some happiness till my sweet sixteen
    Anon, only the thing is hath left is all the memories