• _snow_flake_ 4w

    I fall in love with the famous people,
    You know the ones who'll always be
    out of reach,
    out of league,
    Who'll always give you little butterflies just underneath your belly button.
    Who are so many miles away that your vintage heart takes long extravagant trips and keeps tripping at the thoughts of them.
    They'll never know how the little girl in me wishes upon those glow in the dark stars
    While lying on the Prairies of her queen sized bed with the thoughts of them.
    I know how crazy this love seems to you.
    But in this crazy fairytale frenzy of mine,
    I don't have to stay up hoping and heaving all night.
    I'm not scared of being left behind..
    I don't cry my eyes out fearing that the love will fade away with the passing years.
    There aren't any memories to be mad at, to mourn about..
    There are just a few butterflies, rose petals kissing my cheeks and a few swoons with hasty blinks that I keep saving in the little caskets of time.