• kella_yebba 6w

    It never skipped a beat at first sight.
    Nor the second or third.

    It didn't even change it's steady pattern.
    Not when our eyes first met across the room.
    Nor the first time your palms locked into mine.

    It never even rushed into palpitations.
    Not when you belted out those first few notes.
    Nor when you first spoke to me,
    looking directly as though you could see through my soul.

    It never exploded to even trigger sparks over my skin.

    Not when we stayed in that enclosed restricted space,
    with your body heat seeping through my sleeves.

    But you suddenly made me go all dizzy,
    pushing me up to a cloud nine.

    My heart that never skipped thumped loudly,
    drowning out all noise.

    My veins boiled with need,
    like an addict shaking and craving for the next sniff.

    And it all begun the moment my adrenaline levels spiked
    from how you worked dangerously behind the wheel.

    Weaving through spaces with narrow escapes
    and speeding on till I was thoroughly windswept.

    I cannot say I'd ever fall,
    cos I'm really grounded with terra firma.

    But put me on that road beside you
    and I'd be willing to be blown away anywhere, any day.

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