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    She pulled over the car and I jumped out of it ,
    " What happened ?" she asked with a worried face . " I can't follow it .... What happened to me , how many months it had been , Why do you love me , WHAT HAPPENED TO ME ? " I yelled .
    " Hey , calm Down " she reached for me, but I dodged her arms , " Tell me , Why do you love me ? Why do you love someone who doesn't remember your name ?" She tried again to reach for me , so I tried again to dodge but she grapped my shoulders somehow. " If I start telling you the reason, I might miss the whole movie but for now to end up your sceptical bothering, I love you because you are special to me . No matter how many times you forget my name , you never forget that you love me . "
    " Do I?" I chuckled.
    " Try " , she placed her lips on mine and my heart quivered a bit but then relaxed , goosebumps erode and then came the urge to hold her tight and I did it . But before i could dig my lips deeper she parted away . What was that ? How could loose control on myself .
    " Do you need any other proof , I bet it didn't
    happened with any of your ex girlfriends.
    " Never " I confirmed.
    By the time we reached the multiplex ,we were late for 30 minutes , she winced for being late. It was a comedy movie, the theatre was quite empty and every time she laughed it echoed with her adorable laugh . Then we went for the lunch we talked about our childhood days ,the sneak peek ,the first date , the first kiss . I asked differently " Do I always kiss you like that? " Her cheeks flushed , " today was our first kiss"
    " I don't want to forget it " I pleaded
    " you will never forget it "
    Her fingers interjected with mine .
    At evening Maa , Dad , Tara and I sat on the sofa , staring back to the camera and talked about the accident, my memory, my changed life , my still happy life . Dad recalled his new philosophy about life . When maa and dad left , we recorded about ourselves and when she left , I looked to the camera wearily and thought to convince the Samar who's gonna wake up tomorrow asking million questions about everything.
    " You don't know remember yesterday unlike others and future is a mystery for all . But you have today so don't waste it . You are loved like this too . So now move " .

    I don't remember. I don't remember our first kiss . I don't remember anything. Tara is gazing at bleak mountains standing robust at an astronomical distance away . I tab the table , she flicks towards me . Her eyes are weary and hopeful at the same time . " Do you wanna read more ?" She asked , " I know I'm being selfish but , wait ! Watch this video we recorded it yesterday , I'm sorry I should had shown you early " She sobs , cubbing her cheeks , smearing the tiny troplets sliding on her face . " I'm so sorry , I can't be this selfish . " She comes closer, puts her finger on my temple, probably ready to give me a head massage and then curling herself to rest on my chest . I hold her for a second but parted away another second , she looked wearily at me . " I am not hugging you until I know the whole story " I announce .
    A bemused smile cross her face . " You really want to do this " I nodded . The diary is picked up again , its pages turning instantly , ready to take me again on a rollercoaster ride .

    You can its previous parts - #the_unforgettable_love

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