• soulmate_of_own 45w

    You & Life

    Why is the life just a moment,
    for this love, centuries aren't enough..
    So let me ask God
    for some more time, anew,
    I have to live just here,
    I have not to go away from you..
    Now that you are there to share your pain,
    Every pain is beautiful.

    Your smiles are my strength,
    I got hope from them only.
    Whatever atrocity the world does to me,
    in them [these smiles] is my safety..
    My life became very beautiful,
    now where else would heaven be..

    My life is from your heartbeats,
    your wishes are my prayers now..
    what a unique bond it is,
    that your and my life have become one..
    I'll come back to you only..
    It's my promise, even if I die..