• shadownik 11w

    Little Cities

    Little flickering lights in a sea of darkness
    Little apertures spattered across swathes of matchboxes
    Little tired people living their little lives

    With ambitions that reach colossal sizes
    The dark alleys sound the occassional groans and barks

    A little spurt of blood and a little glint of steel
    A little stench of liqour , of crushed dreams
    A little of this and a little of that to build the city of people's dreams
    Amidst the schemes and contrasting themes

    You can live your little life within this deady maze
    Under the crowd's unfeeling gaze
    You can be a little tired but also a little riant
    A little annoyed but also a little content
    But you can't, absolutely can't possess a teensy-weensy heart...