• medusas_child 10w

    Six Feet under


    God please set me straight
    I am on a path of regret
    Give me a sign
    Am I making a mistake?
    By taking my own life
    Why stay here and Grow bitter and old.
    When there is a chance to be with our loved ones again.
    Is it wrong to go?
    Leave a world that is so cold
    It would be so easy
    To float in peace
    But I am down this road for a reason
    To give up now and risk forever falling
    I am the type to stay strong
    Not to foolishly risk it all.
    I can't stand one more laugh from life
    I can't take one more hardship left and right.
    All I want is to be happy
    Six feet under
    Is that the answer?
    I hear it's cold and dark down there
    Maybe I should give myself one more chance
    To change for the better
    It's all on my hands
    I can climb out the rabbit hole
    Start over!
    Fight against those who call me a fuck up.
    Come out of this even stronger
    Wish me luck.
    Kneeled down, hands up
    Amen my savior.