• risu_angelina 23w

    The girl who loves you.

    If a women loves you from the depth of her heart, and soul she will share everything with you. She will shed all her inhibitions for you and openly share her dreams, her passions, her desire, her fantasies and her agony with you. She will give you a special place in her heart and wont let anyone or anything come in between you and her. She will always be over excited, enthusiastic and eager to spend time with you. She will endlessly wait for your phone calls and text messages, she will leave no stone unturned to show her love towards you. She will crave your attention and cherish every moment you spend with her. She sometimes be jealous and fight with you for silly things. Sometimes she may shout at you for no reason. Sometimes she will throw tantrums and behave like a kid but no matter what she does, she will again call and beg you sorry and will love you crazily and deeply. If her love is not reciprocated and she feels neglected she will be deeply hurt and will go into the cocoon of sadness. She will get used to of being ignored and will slowly move on.

    Never neglect a woman who loves you passionately because once she will be gone forever you will regret it all your life. It is difficult to find someone who loves you with so much conviction.