• whiskey_lullaby 36w

    Had a pretty busy day and I have to write something for Her..
    After all, she raised me up to more than I can be.

    ....... I know that You will be happy just knowing I remembered You. You don't need these. Words are just a cheap imitation of my feelings for You.
    And we certainly don't need a special day to give throwbacks about how much we love her.
    Heaven is just a six letter word, but then so is mother . :)

    #mother #love

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    Remembrance #mother

    You taught me how to love simple things,
    You taught me how commitment
    can be one's perfection.
    You never drove away my fears, You embraced them.
    You never needed a candle to light my darkness,
    You never needed eyes to see my soul.
    Is it blood that flows in Your veins , or is it love ?
    Is it words that describes You or is it ardency ?
    When I picture You mother,
    I will say 'muse' is just a poor synonym
    and 'best', a wimpy adverb.

    We were never meant to deliniate you, mother,
    You were meant to define us.