• sensitive_observer 9w

    I have never seen God. And I have never been in a romantic relationship. These concepts are so vague that sometimes they even appear to be unrealistic to me. It is exactly what I'm saying. For example, you may forcibly convert my religion at gunpoint. But you can't sow the seed of faith in the Almighty. Same with the other one. Even the most beautiful model or actress can't make me experience love for her. But even though I haven't experienced the two nor I believe it to be true, still there's something whose presence makes all the logic and rationality numb. Suddenly, I start feeling like I am in heaven or a long lost lover's soul. It's effective. It's dangerous. It's music. A song can make you dance, relaxed, stupid, introspect, a theist, a lover. A song can do miracles. It's art!


    “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who
    could not hear the music.”
    ~Friedrich Nietzsche

    #music #song

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