• jaysjoy 22w

    Bucket list

    Do you ever feel like your soul should leave your body and wander around? Like a drone drifting off to all the place all the paradises.

    Do you ever feel like you should sink in? Sink in the very bed you sleep. And only your heart rises up out of your body.

    Do you ever feel so still that when you move your head you can feel your skull move first and the the brain and it hurts? Hurts like burst of static bolt in your brain.

    I want to feel my soul leave me. I want to feel free. I want to see my body left behind and I want to go away.

    I want to feel my heart pump out of my chest. I want it to breathe. I want it to stay. I want it to live.

    I want to know. I want to be. I want to be more than alive.

    P.S I am very sleepy