• monikaagarwal357 11w


    Even Sita was held guilty
    And she had to prove her integrity

    Why should that white sheet
    Test her virginity and give her a defeat

    Why women have to go through this test
    Whereas men can sit back and rest

    If white sheet test whether you are pure
    Then there should be a system to test men also for sure

    Not to participate in any wild sports was the set form
    But she participated in all and broke the so called norm

    The activities of swimming, martial arts, exercise & cycling can also be the reason
    But when your mind is hooked up to one place then how can anyone change your vision

    Why this responsibility upon her do vest
    What if, she fail in this test?

    Will that white sheet become her grave?
    Or should she quickly change it by being brave

    All these years she was taught to protect her virginity
    But that morning the absence of red mark proved her guilty...