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    No idea if I made it in time, I am in GMT time so could someone please tell me the time that the word of the day follows?

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    Be a man?

    "Be a man", "what's that?",
    "You're not supposed to cry and crap."

    If that's a man, then I'm not one,
    I've cries more tears than anyone.

    Bullying, cancer, people dying around,
    Don't think there was a night, where I slept sound.

    So why do you change me, making me like you,
    I'll always be me, there's nothing you can do.

    "Talk to people!", "Interact!",
    "At least show, a bit of tact".

    But it's who I am, I don't talk much,
    "Shift into gear", but I don't have a clutch.

    I like it when it's quiet, no huge crowd around,
    Only with those who are special, not a overwhelming sound.

    "Look how nice it is", "our new abode",
    It's just another place, for me to work a load.

    You force your feelings onto me, 'hoping I will grow',
    But you're just turning me into you, don't you even know?

    Why change, what is fine,
    It's not your life, but mine.

    Stop pushing on your hopes and dreams,
    You're oblivious, is what is seems.

    I can pretend a bit, to be like you,
    But I won't ever change, that I won't do.

    My past has made me what I am,
    You think I'm a child, but I am the real man.

    I don't have to change, to grow up old,
    I'll no longer listen to what I've been told.

    I can show who I am, show what I feel,
    I'm not gonna pretend, I'll show what is real.

    So watch me, as I grow and grow,
    Into Myself, just letting you know.

    I might change, but I'll still be me, the same,
    I'll live my own life, no glory or fame...