• writerslust 22w

    I'm coming to meet you next month. Was very happy since I thought about that. I used to see flights everyday and gladly found the cheapest one. We'll eat icecream with the money. Which one? Oreo? Red velvet? Oh yes I promised you that. How can I forget. You know I've talked to papa too he said I can finally come to meet you. It makes my eyes teary when I think of meeting you. You are coming out I'm just hugging you. We'll match movies. Shows. We'll try to have a little fun outside our shitty lives.We need to meet it feels so alone. Nobody could complete me except you. I used to see you everyday and now we are so far away. I haven't seen myself smiling since you have gone. I have prayed a lot for you was very scared about how you will live there. You said you aren't getting time to read. I have planned to courier some books with my letter in it too. I have planned everything just coming to see you to relive all thatā¤