• vani_shiv 10w

    Men don't cry

    Men don't cry,
    But they feel a little shy,
    Shy to share
    Share that they do care.

    Yes, men do feel,
    But they lose hopes to heal,
    They too have a heart,
    Heart scared of getting hurt.

    They cry and never share,
    They pretend that they don't care,
    But an actual pain is within them,
    Heart dwelt in responsibilities wants to exempt,
    Exempt and freely fly,
    But my friend, they too feel to cry.

    They need someone to hold their hand,
    From their family or a close friend,
    They want to get heard,
    Without any judgemental word.

    They want to listen too,
    Out from their being too blue,
    Yes, they don't cry still they heal,
    Because they are too alone to feel.