• badderbitch209 10w

    Royal tee

    Im no longer allowed to make my own decisions. I have officially appointed another individual to step in for the task. My angel hung her wings and quit on the spot, the devil stuck around but herself came to the conclusion that I didn't need assistance with darkwork or mischievous ways.
    And leave it to me to find that peace to my chaos, and potentially have them taken tomorrow at sunrise.
    He honestly didn't want anything to do with me at first. And honestly were both still not quite sure how or where this is going to go. You see, I was supposed to be a package deal, but the package busted open during shipping and handling so he returned the other item back to the sender. Like a little kid disappointed at Xmas he looked at me and said, well I guess this will have to do for now.
    I'm supposed to be beneficial to him, make his life easier and at least these last few days weve had together more fun since he's going away.
    I fucked up his program. All the way around. Distracted him from his money, have him sleeping every night and off his normal self routine. And I think we both like it.
    It came to natural. Like ying to yang. He balances me out. And I must say, laying there right beside him gambling on ourself phones while the tweakers play outside the window with the cops lurking heavy, trapping this bitch out to the fullest.... Makes me want to put a mailbox up and a welcome Matt and homestead with him, bc he's the kinda man that's the man I want and need.
    And even though we don't always get what we want, or we don't get what we think we want, what we really need is right in front of us but we're too stuck looking for something else with the perfect opportunity right before our eyes. And fortunately for both of us, we both realized this before we lost that opportunity.
    Tomorrow we renegotiate and analyze this situation. And it all comes down to one thing.
    Freedom and time.
    And time will tell if this time well both be free to continue whatever the hell this is or wasn't expected to be.
    But for now, freedoms the feeling he offers my soul from the chaos and hysteria i can't escape
    And for now, we've freed up what's not important to give this the time it needs before time runs out.
    4 hours til court.
    Fingers crossed.
    Otherwise my heart's going to be doing time too.