• kajal_sahajani 5w

    Happy birthday!!

    On your birthday thought of writing a poem,
    but struggled with words to express my feeling.
    A daughter is always addressed as her fathers princess,
    A father is daughters king who fulfills all her wishes.
    My birthday obviously is special day for me but yours is ultra special,
    because I have also been addressed as a Princess and you are the reason.
    Right from the day I used to cry in my cradle,
    You always taught me how to fight my own battles.
    From the day I have born you always were at my side,
    From standing on my legs to that cycle ride.
    At times when I feel low and feel like giving up all,
    You remind me of the saying,
    "Chin up princess or the crown will fall".
    I have made lots of mistakes in my life and even gave up on myself,
    But you are the only person who always trusted me as nobody else.
    You never express what I mean to you,
    but this incident told me the truth.
    I was struggling with something,fed up of the mess around,
    Once crying like hell I locked myself to stay away from this crowd.
    Suddenly there was a banging on the door with the fear in his voice,
    The voice gently said "Open the door I am your dad my dear child".
    I felt the fear in his voice and rushed to open the door,
    I can't make my father suffer,whatever my mess was.
    He gave me a tight hug as soon as he saw me,
    he wiped my tears and scolded me.
    I had never seen tears in his eyes before,
    I asked him about what he was crying for?
    The answer he gave that day made me realised what I meant for him,
    He said,
    "Why don't you understand for me you are the most precious thing ".
    I can only say "Thank You Papa" for always being there in any circumstances,
    On this day I promise to come up all your expectations.