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    Aurora finished packing the bag and decided to take a tour around the house since Lucian had disappeared earlier. While walking in the corridor she noticed that there was an open door so she walked towards it and stood there. She wasn’t expecting to see it but Lucian was standing there half naked. She couldn’t stop admiring that masculine body. Unfortunately he caught her peeping.
    ‘Get in and close the door,’ he said.
    Embarrassed with herself she entered the master bedroom and closed the door behind her.
    ‘I’m sorry I didn’t mean to,’ she said.
    ‘I know you wanted to,’ he said as he walked towards her.
    To be honest she was excited and anxious at the same time. What if he toyed with her like he did last time? She wanted this man so much it would hurt to be rejected.
    ‘I think I will leave and wait for you downstairs,’ she said trying to leave but he caught her straight away.
    ‘You think I will let you leave after you dangled yourself in front of me wearing only that?’ he said looking at her.
    She looked at herself and realized what she was wearing. Her t-shirt was huge but it still showed a lot of skin.
    ‘I almost forgot and besides weren’t you the one who insisted that I should come out this way?’
    ‘Even if it was me, why would you still walk around a man while under dressed like that?’
    ‘That is your own problem. It’s not like you can be easily seduced. You don’t even want me at all,’ she said trying to escape from his grip.
    Lucian pulled her against his body and she felt so hot with just a little contact.
    ‘What are you trying to do?’ she asked.
    ‘I’m going to taste my merchandise. One way or the other you will still end up in my bed,’ he said while his hand tugged her hair behind her ear.
    ‘Are you saying we will be sharing this room when we get married?’
    ‘Not only that but when you move in too, you will be sleeping with me,’ he said as his hand brushed against her naked thigh and she moaned.
    ‘We need t go back, Jewel is alone back home,’ she said trying to get out of the situation.
    ‘She is probably very happy right now. Stop running away,’ he said and captured her mouth with his.
    Aurora moaned as his tongue rolled against hers. She had missed this, wanted it so much and here they were. She linked her arms around his neck and kissed him back.
    Lucian scooped her up, his hands holding her bare bottom; it tingled and made her blood hot. Lucian carried her to the bed where he laid her down on the bed and removed her lace panties in one go.
    It seemed that there will be no foreplay at all and she didn’t have energy to go though any torture. Aurora wrestled with Lucian belt and then his flyer and freed him out. His erection was huge and hard. She had never seen something like that before. Would she be able to take him? That question was answered the second Lucian penetrated her in one thrust and she cried out.
    He was looking at her, his eyes were speaking to her and she loved what they were promising her. She held onto him and hooked her legs around his waist and let him take control of her. She could feel that she was close as Lucian thrust deeper and harder into her. His hand cupped her breast and she cried out and reached her first orgasm. His thrust increased as he was coming to his own release and she had another orgasm before Lucian spilled his seed deep down in her womb.
    He groaned and fell on top of her and she held him there for a few minutes. Lucian then removed himself from her and she woke up. She didn’t know what to talk about so she rolled out of bed, picked her panties and rushed to the bathroom. She cleaned herself and took a deep breath. She did it and she felt great; but would he resent her after this?

    Lucian followed Aurora into the bathroom after he dressed himself and found her washing her face.
    ‘Are you okay?’ he asked.
    ‘I am, thanks for asking,’ she answered in a low tone.
    ‘I didn’t think I would get to see the day you speak like that but now that I have seen it, I don’t like it. I prefer the old you,’ he said and hugged her from behind.
    ‘What are you doing?’ she asked him.
    ‘I’m hugging you. We can’t hate each other if we are going to be a family Aurora.’
    ‘So you won’t bring up that blackmail thing again?’
    ‘I will not but one day I hope I will hear personally from you why you carry around a gun,’ he said and kissed her neck.
    ‘One day I guess. We should return now,’ she told him and he remembered that Jewel was still alone.
    ‘We need to talk about the wedding.’
    ‘Don’t you have everything prepared?’
    ‘I do. On Sunday let’s have dinner with my family. My mother will be happy to arrange the wedding and I guess it will be ready in a few weeks time,’ he said.
    ‘It’s okay with me. By that time I will be done with my things.’
    ‘What things?’
    ‘I need to resign from my workplace; I doubt you would want me to work in a café.’
    ‘No, I wouldn’t. If you want to work then I will open something for you. No wife of mine will work for another,’ he told her and he was surprised to hear that he meant every word.
    ‘I think I’m starting to like you old man,’ she said and kissed him lightly on the lips.
    ‘Are you telling me you slept with me and didn’t like me?’
    ‘It’s not surprising. Sometimes we sleep with people for the sake of lust and nothing else,’ she said looking deep in his eyes.
    Was she crazy to utter something like that at her age?
    ‘I won’t argue more. Let’s leave now,’ he said and led her out of the bathroom.
    Lucian led the way out of the mansion and back to the door. He still couldn’t believe how much their awkward relationship had improved in just a few hours. He didn’t want a decorative wife but a wife he would share his bed with and have kids with, no matter how much they hate each other. By having her by his side he would be able to uncover all her secrets and find the relationship between her and his deceased aunt. By then he will be ready to accept whatever comes to him as long as she wasn’t his aunt’s daughter which he doubted was the case. His aunt never had another child except for his young cousin Gloria who was already married.
    He looked at her and she was sleeping, she looked peaceful and yet it looks like she was wrestling with some inner demons. What kind of life was she really leading to become who she was now?
    Only time will tell, right now they were going to take it one step at a time.
    Aurora looked one last time at her things, things that could make one crawl by seeing them and locked the room. She was hoping that she won’t be using them ever again. Maybe one day she would be able to dispose them and let go of her dark past, a past that she wanted to reveal and bury at the same time. She only took a push dagger and put it in her bag. She left the warehouse and took a taxi.
    It’s been a few days since she started living with the Ladra’s. It was a new environment for her and things were a bit complicated since she was hiding a lot of things. She couldn’t reveal them until she was certain. The taxi took her back to the mansion and when she arrived the staff showed her respect. Apparently bit by bit she was becoming the young madam of the mansion.
    Upon her arrival the first thing she did was to go to the master bedroom where she had been staying with Lucian and changed into something comfortable. Jewel was at school and Lucian at work. Since she wasn’t working anymore she had nothing to do but get stuck at home.
    She left the bedroom and began to finish the tour she left in the middle the previous day. The mansion was huge. It consisted of three floors. The master bedroom was on the second floor including Jewel’s bedroom and two more bedrooms.
    The first floor had a library, a movie room, a game room, a bar and two more bedrooms. The ground floor consisted of the kitchen, the lounge, the dining room, the sitting room and Lucian’s office.
    While taking a tour she ended up in the library and began to browse through the books. She found an old book and began to flip through it when an old photo fell to the floor. She crouched down and picked it and stared at it. Her heart began to thump loudly as she looked at the woman who was in the picture. The woman she was looking at was Lucian’s deceased aunt, his mother’s younger sister. She was also the woman who made her to infiltrate this family.