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    Nothing good is easy. Do not fall for false realities.

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    Sinkhole Fantasies

    Once upon a time,
    a lonely woman stepped into a house of dreams.

    Despite the lack of a house-warming party,
    she settled with the picturesque amenities,
    so binding at first glance.

    She spent her time, more & more,
    with the luxury.
    Ignoring to question,
    "how was the home so warm and comforting,
    without active cleaning or dusting".

    The doubts and odd sounds at night,
    were cast aside from the naive lady's mind.

    She thought,
    "Though there are questions with no clear answer,
    why must i ponder the lure of the heart's desire?".

    Reminiscing the planner that she was,
    she left behind some of her sensibility,
    in hopes of the home's security and stability.

    Then one day,
    as she is in the tranquility of her silk sheets,
    the ground grumbled.

    The weak base of the home broke apart,
    and one by one the beautiful columns fell.

    That was it.
    The building she called a home,
    had swallowed her down to the earth.

    Feeding off her fantasies and her longing heart.