• theoriginal90sbaby 6w

    The Federal Reserve banking system is a massive fraud, and has been since its inception in 1913. The scam is generational, pillaging each generation as slaves on the market, stealing men's homes, forcing them to work a lifetime just to die broke, et cetera. It's a modern form of servitude. As long as the newsmedia keeps convincing us that we are the free world, we buy into it. Stalin said the same thing to his followers, calling them “free.” Indeed, they were all slaves, and many found out when they chose not to go along anymore, ending up in a Siberian workcamp as a prisoner to starve, rot and die. The now forming corrupt government under Homeland Security will make Stalin's regime look like Sunday School teacher convention. Stalin was notorious for lying, saying one thing while doing another. President Obama, true to Stalin's nature, has done the same thing repeatedly since taking office in 2004. People go by what they see and hear, not by what actually happens. That's why people laugh and look at you like you're crazy when you try to teach them about the New World Order; while the very money in their bill-fold mocks their woeful ignorance, displaying over 100 occult symbols on every U.S. one dollar bill. IN YOUR FACE AMERICA!!!