• poetwthcurls 10w

    Black lives matter

    Dishonor their heritage
    Destroy their legacy
    Turn them into slaves
    Steal their culture
    Kill us without remorse
    Capture their lands
    No more black kings and queens
    But we are kings and queens
    They poke and prodded us.
    Whipped and lashed out at us
    Segregated us after granting us "freedom"
    FREEDOM we had to fight for
    Some of us
    With our last breath
    They didn't love us
    They didn't
    They don't see our beautiful souls
    Only our melaninated skin
    The dark shades they choose to look upon in disgust
    Like God made a mistake in creating US
    I'm poised and graceful.
    A Blooming representation that my people are powerful
    We will rise from the fragments they disintegrated us into
    We hold the POWER and we're taking black what RIGHTFULLY belongs to us.
    We are not broken
    We are not divided.
    Together we stand to frame our fragments
    History, CULTURE,soul, love, peace in this grand sewn tapestry.
    Fight with us or get out of our way.
    Be the change you want to see.