• silentbohemian 5w

    Fatal deflection.

    For long it had revolved around the center of its origin. It was small in the beginning, almost like a ball of diffusible gases. Its existence was neither stamped nor acknowledged. Years passed and passed till it took a definite form. It garnered the land of its own. Its unique tail and ability to observe the particular cycle time and again enabled the onlookers to give it a name. It grew stronger and began affecting the path of the others, never realizing the repercussions on its own route. On one fateful day, it got too close to another orbiter and went haywire, drifting out of its own cycle. It didn't return to encircle its center of origin. It lost its identity. Many thought that it was lost. It was lost, revolving into a new cycle, revolving around a new center. It started deteriorating. It wasn't the same. The new center was consuming it and not enriching the way its previous center did. It wanted to escape this cycle. It wanted to revert back to the cycle of its origin, the one which made it.
    It needed a deflection, a strong, nearly fatal deflection to push it back to the path of origin.