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    The girl who left him,
    It's been a while since you've gone from his life now and still many times our conversations steer in your direction. Nothing that I mind, but It hurts me to hear the pain in his voice when he talks about you.
    You see, until you came he was this carefree happy soul, who made everyone laugh. A little ball of sunshine. You coming into his life made him happier, but he changed too. For you. He started believing in the concept of love, in promises. He gave everything of himself to you, Heartbeats and colours.
    For the first time ever he thought that he has someone, something to hold on to for his entire life. A best friend, a soulmate, a better half. And that was a good change, I agree.
    But then you left, after changing him. That is not fair, right?
    Maybe I am wrong. It's your life and your decision, right or not. But your not loving him was not a reason to break him.
    When that one person who promises to never leave your side suddenly advises you to 'move on', it hurts. And it did hurt him, like nothing else did.
    You broke his trust, you broke him. Months passed by, and it took all of his effort to start living again. There are still moments in his life when he questions himself and others, where did he let you down? what was his fault?
    He didn't deserve this, all this he went through, he didn't. Nobody does.
    It'll be long after he starts trusting someone. And loving someone the way he loved you, it's really hard.
    So don't do this to anybody else please, it takes forever to heal. Don't make promises when you don't mean them, and don't just kick away people from your life. Especially the ones that love you.
    As for me, I am kind of lucky you left him because I got to meet the most beautiful broken soul. I love him with all my heart and I hope to get back together his pieces until he becomes the sunshine he is.
    The girl who plans to stay forever.



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    But then you left,
    after changing him.
    That is not fair, right?